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Selected Publications

For a complete list of publications, see Google Scholar

On scalable ways of involving students in research:

  • Corwin, L. A., Runyon, C. R., Ghanem, E., Sandy, M., Clark, G., Palmer, G. C., ... & Dolan, E. L. (2018). Effects of Discovery, Iteration, and Collaboration in Laboratory Courses on Undergraduates’ Research Career Intentions Fully Mediated by Student Ownership. CBE—Life Sciences Education, 17(2), ar20. Link
  • Dolan, E.L. (2016). Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences: Current Knowledge and Future Directions. Paper commissioned for the Committee on Strengthening Research Experiences for Undergraduate STEM Students. Board on Science Education, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education. Board on Life Sciences, Division of Earth and Life Studies. Link
  • Rodenbusch, S.E., Hernandez, P.R., Simmons, S.L., and Dolan, E.L. (2016). Early Engagement in Course-Based Research Increases Graduation Rates and Completion of Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Degrees. CBE - Life Sciences Education 15, ar20. Link
  • Thompson, J.J., Conaway, E., and Dolan, E.L. (2015). Undergraduate students’ development of social, cultural, and human capital in a networked research experience. Cultural Studies of Science Education 1–32. Link
  • Corwin, L.A., Graham, M.J., Dolan, E.L. (2015) Modeling course-based undergraduate research experiences: an agenda for future research and evaluation. CBE - Life Sciences Education 14, es1. Link
  • Alkaher, I., Dolan, E. L. (2014). Integrating research into undergraduate courses: Current practices and future directions. In Sunal, D., Sunal, C. & Wright, E., Mason, C., and Zollman, D. (Eds.), Research based undergraduate science teaching. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Pub. Link
  • Corwin Auchincloss, L., Laursen, S. L., Branchaw, J. L., Eagan, K., Graham, M., Hanauer, D. I., Lawrie, G., McLinn, C. M., Pelaez, N., Rowland, S., Towns, M., Trautmann, N. M., Varma-Nelson, P., Weston, T. J., Dolan, E. L. (2014). Assessment of Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences: A meeting report. CBE - Life Sciences Education 13(1), 29–40. Link

On undergraduate research mentoring:

  • Aikens, M. L., Robertson, M. M., Sadselia, S., Watkins, K., Evans, M., Runyon, C. R., ... & Dolan, E. L. (2017). Race and Gender Differences in Undergraduate Research Mentoring Structures and Research Outcomes. CBE-Life Sciences Education, 16(2), ar34. Link
  • Aikens, M.L., Sadselia, S., Watkins, K., Evans, M., Eby, L.T., and Dolan, E.L. (2016). A Social Capital Perspective on the Mentoring of Undergraduate Life Science Researchers: An Empirical Study of Undergraduate–Postgraduate–Faculty Triads. CBE - Life Sciences Education 15, ar16. Link

On measures:

  • Corwin, L.A., Runyon, C., Robinson, A., and Dolan, E.L. (2015). The Laboratory Course Assessment Survey: A Tool to Measure Three Dimensions of Research-Course Design. CBE Life Sci Educ 14, ar37. Link
  • Hanauer, D. I., Dolan, E. L. (2014). The Project Ownership Survey: Measuring differences in scientific inquiry experiences. CBE - Life Sciences Education 13(1), 149–58. Link